Barbecue for Everyone! A new Pinterest board on Belgian Foodie profile

Barbecue Recipes featured in a new Pinterest Board

This week of 16 May 2015  I created Barbecue For Everyone!, a new Pinterest board with almost 150 recipes traditionally associated with barbecue or grill cuisine.

Who does not love a good barbecue with family and friends, especially in the early evening? Kids playing, everyone relaxed and eating to their delight? As the barbecue and grilling season soon begins in the Northern Hemisphere, come check out Barbecue For Everyone! for recipes for barbecue sauce, rubs and other condiments as well as for ribs, chicken, sausage, veggies, beef, fish and corn!

Please share with me in the comments below your favorite memories concerning barbecue. Spread the news to your friends, but first like this post below please.

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