Pirozhkila - Pirozhki in Los Angeles

Where can you find a healthier version of pirozhki in LA?

Today I was roaming around Westwood Village in Los Angeles, my old stomping grounds as a teenager. I was suddenly drawn to a silver shining Airstream trailer featuring Pirozhki, aptly named “Pirozhkila”! A young pretty woman named Sasha was offering samples of their food. Of course, being the foodie that I am, I accepted the offer and tasted their pirozhki. We started talking and then the owner Igor came out to join us.

In 15 minutes I discovered that Igor is originally from Kiev, Ukraine and comes to Los Angeles via Milano, Italy, where he worked in the kitchen of various restaurants. Igor had an idea to bring a healthier version of pirozhki to Angelinos. It took more than 8 months and a huge personal investment to get his dream off the ground. He is new on the food truck scene and has only this week settled his Airstream on the corner of Weyburn Avenue and Westwood Boulevard in Westwood Village. You can find information about where he will be on his Facebook page.

Pirozhki are often known in the US as piroshki and are cousins with the Polish pierogi and probably a distant relative to the Jewish knish and the Spanish and Latin American empanadas. All of these are a version of handheld pies filled with something tasty!

Pirozhkila had 5 types of savory pirozhki on sale: cheese, spinach, potato, beef and chicken as well as a sweet one with Nutella inside. Igor uses Russian ingredients to make his pirozhki, even purchasing flour that comes from Russia, so they would taste as they do back home. The main difference however is that he bakes his pirozhki in the oven instead of frying them in oil. They are therefore healthier and more attractive to Angelinos watching their diet. The spinach pirozhki is also organic! I tried the potato, beef, spinach and chicken pirozhki and was very satisfied and appreciated that they were lighter than the native version.

Look out for the Pirokhila Airstream trailer in Westwood and at other locations around Los Angeles. If you see them, stop and try their food…and please say hello to them for me!

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