This is the first post on this site after being launched publicly.

This site will feature my blog, which started last year on my Facebook page, highlights from my Pinterest boards, Recipes, Tools & Tips and much more!

It’s been quite an adventure getting to this point. In the coming weeks more changes that I’m working on will be made and more materials added. Recipes and categories of recipes will expand as I post new material over time. I hope that you will enjoy this site and will be patient as the kinks get worked out.

I will be adding multilingual options once the English version is settled. There will be original materials posted here in English, French and Dutch, with a separate site in French that will be linked to this site. Not all the posts will be translated by me. There will be some original posts that will be aimed more at a French-speaking audience and written in French while others will be aimed at an even more international audience and written in English. I’m also exploring options to enable people to translate the materials posted on all the sites and pages into many other languages (by third party not checked by me).

I always appreciate your comments and suggestions, and especially in these first weeks. Please invite your friends to come and be among the first to visit the site. I will do a bigger launch in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

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