Fun food tricks: Making Ice Cream Sandwiches

21 Fun Food Tricks to Excite your Table

Yesterday I posted a link to Here are 21 Food Tricks That Totally Change Everything on my Facebook page.  In less than 1 day, more people viewed this article than any other item posted on my Facebook page in the past year!

What makes this post so wonderful?  The title of course whets the reader’s curiosity.  Then the list presents one fun trick after another in a visual way enabling the reader to understand immediately what the food trick involves.  Easy to grasp, simple to implement.

My favorite new fun food tricks on this list are probably numbers 2 (turning ice cream pints into ice cream sandwiches) and 3 (using balloons to make chocolate cups).

What are your favorite food tricks? What fun food tricks do you have that you can share with us?  Write your answers in the comments below.

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