Vegan Scrambled Tofu by The Wannabe Chef

Is Scrambled Tofu an Easy solution for Vegans for Breakfast?

In my post earlier today Eating Vegan Not Always Easy I was lamenting the difficulty of finding a good vegan breakfast in restaurants in Los Angeles. Today my family and I went to Lenny’s Deli for brunch on the Westside of Los Angeles. I had asked to go there instead of Factor’s Famous Deli where we went last Sunday because I find they have more variety on their menu.

Lenny’s Deli does have more choice on their menu. I could see able about 4 vegan items whereas at Factor’s I could only see 1 or 2. Both however had the same kind of tofu scramble featured for breakfast: a mix of tofu and vegetables. I ordered it last week at Factor’s Famous Deli and was surprised to discover that it was not a scramble at all how I had imagined. It was in fact cubes of tofu sauteed with some vegetables. At Lenny’s Deli they had the same kind of tofu scramble with vegetables and cubes of tofu.

Why is it so difficult to offer a tofu scramble with the tofu actually blended or broken up to resemble scrambled eggs? It’s actually pretty straightforward to prepare, is quite inexpensive and requires the same ingredients.

Follow this link to find a recipe for scrambled tofu on the site of The Wannabe Chef. As you will see the ingredients and steps required are fairly easy. Any choice of vegetables can be sauteed first in the pan before adding the tofu mixture. As with scrambled eggs, herbs, spices and veggies can be added to make a large variety of scrambled dishes to satisfy a range of tastes.

Help me spread the word about the ease of preparing a tofu scramble! Let’s start a campaign so Lenny’s Deli, Factor’s Famous Deli and all the other delis and restaurants in Los Angeles and elsewhere start adding this easy dish to their breakfast menu! By no way do I intend to single out Lenny’s Deli or Factor’s Famous Deli in this post, as they both offer reliably good deli food and service. I’m just using them as an example since I happen to go to these delis often when visiting family in Los Angeles.

Just a couple more words of advice to Lenny’s Deli. I had the tofu-avocado wrap on your menu (without the thousand islands dressing). This wrap was the right size and had very healthy ingredients! Thank you. However, it could have been more tasty if you had made the avocado into a guacamole-style sauce or even had blended the avocado and tofu together into a sauce so it would not be so dry. I realize it was dry because I had asked to hold the dressing, yet making the tofu and avocado into a sauce and mixing it into the greens would make this wrap even better.

On the way out of Lenny’s Deli I purchased one of each of their 9 types of Rugelach they sell. I can’t wait to do a taste test. Keep an eye out for a future post on the choice of rugelach in Los Angeles. Lenny’s Deli so far has one of the most extensive choices of rugelach.

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